Jurien Huggins Creative
Travel Market - HiFidelity.png

Redesign: e-Commerce Travel Site



The Solutions:

  • Focus on ease-of-navigatation

  • create dynamic user experiences through checking items straight to cart right in-page

  • creating consistent visual through-line across the page to guide the user’s eyes from one place to the next without discomfort

  • Guiding users to conversions, making the cart and account features more prominent and fixed


  • Lack of clear calls -to- action, which would allow many conversions to slip through the cracks.

  • Design does not build trust with user

  • Overwhelming, inconsistent design

  • Too Image-Focused, not experience focused

After (Video Interaction)

Below is a short video detailing the new design. I have included static wireframes to show my process, and the full static design at the very bottom. Enjoy!

As part of an interview, I was challenged to do a site redesign for a travel brand, and I created a short video of the new design as well as some of the small bits of functionality I added.

Lo-Fidelity Sketch

Site Redesign.jpg

LoFidelity Mock

Travel Market Wireframe.jpg

Hi-Fidelity Mock

Travel Market - HiFidelity.png